Become a Relational Leader

There are four areas of focus that every Relational Leader should be aware of. We address these four areas and share other leadership insights in this session. Contact us, and we’ll share the other keys with you as we discuss the possibilities of sharing this message with your team.

Coaching to Improve Performance

Leaders know how important it is to have their team performing at their best. In this presentation you ponder the following questions: Has proper training been provided? Have clear expectations been set? As you answer these questions, it’s also important to ask some questions of yourself as the leader.


Collaboration: Building Relationships That Work

Collaboration in the workplace is vital, but often times team members are only co-laboring.

In this presentation you will take a deep dive into two elements that help deepen the relationship of working together and improve the outcome of joined efforts. These elements can become a multiplier of productivity, creating collaborative relationships that are unparalleled.

The Rules of Engagement: Dealing With Confrontation

In our social media world, it may be hard to believe that there is a way to disagree with someone and still maintain a working relationship afterwords. In fact, if done right, conflict can make relationships stronger. In this session, we’ll share some ground rules that can help you to take some of the tension out of conflict and actually help you build positive relationships.

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